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I don't have the book or article this Charlie Askins quote came from.

IMO,to give response to what the Colonel was trying to say,I'd want the paragraphs of context that go with it.

Its hard to argue against distance as an asset. Distance helps on the survival scale.
But then there is the legal scale. Pull your gun one second too soon and you are brandishing,menacing,etc.

I don't know what Mr Askins was trying to say. It might be,"If the situation is given,you are attacked,it is body to body engagement,and you are in immediate danger of being killed,what is your ideal handgun to have on your person?"

That may well be a belly gun.

Was Mr Askins suggesting anything about choosing when to react to a threat? Timing? It seems that is the twist the OP presents.

I suspect Mr Askins was discussing the tool.
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