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Looking for help.... Found more things to need help with!

Hello TFL... I'm from small town Texas, but well traveled. I'm 39, and have a small but growing collection of hand guns and rifles. I'm still trying to find my flavor, I guess one could say.. I do enjoy reading all the info I have see on here so far, thanks for posting.
I did join, in seach of a specific answer though. I'm at a dead end. Any help is appreciated. About 5 years ago, in far East Texas, I had a handgun stolen from my truck. I filed with the police, and had all documentation. I since relocated multiple times. But got a call about a year ago, from the east Texas P.D, and they said my gun had been recovered in San Antonio. After multiple calls, I was finally put in touch with this awesome lady detective in the burglary division, who was in charge of the case. The gun was fired in a robbery, and I have been in email communication with the detective atleast 8 times over the year, waiting on multiple delays in the hearings, etc. I believe the final case was decided in March, but I think the detective has had enough of me or is really busy, as her response time has grown, and is gone to, "I'll get back to you".

I want my gun back. I am also the victim, and they have something of mine.

But, no one else seems to care.i feel as though I have been patient, and if the case is complete, I want to see what my options are. All I have on the case is the case #, but I have all the info on the gun.

I live about 10 hours from San Antonio now, is it possible to have a police department like that ship it somewhere or would I have to go get it? Any ideas who to talk to so I don't have to bother the detective anymore? Any direction is appreciated!
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