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Newbie with a beowulf issue

Hi everyone, I've joined the forum to seek help with an issue. I've purchased the Alexander arms beowulf .50 back in october 16' and they shipped it to me broken, multiple issues buy let's just say it was not a semi auto. I shipped it back and asked for my money back but of course was turned down. They said they would fix it and give it back within 2 weeks. I got it back in feburary and shot it last week and the gun is still in not working condition (also in NOT semi auto form). This time I was having to hand load each bullet for each shot. Bolt was ceasing and not catching the ammo on reload. In my opinion my gun is "shot". Alexander arms refused to refund me the money yet again and I am stuck having to send it back to their workshop so they can try again to fix a brand new gun that doesn't work for the second time. I purchased the gun fully assembled by them so I would not have problems but instead I am having more issues with both Alexander arms and the beo. I'm frustrated. How can I get rid of this gun without being out a chunk of my hard earned cash??
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