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I've read this entire thread and it is obvious that I can ship hand guns via UPS or FedEx as long as I am shipping them to an FFL holder. No worries there.....

My question is this: I have three hand guns to ship. Which is best: ship all three in the same box or ship each one in a separate container?

And for Kev that lives in Florida and whos dad has 30+ guns in California. This is exactly your scenario. I am the executor of a friends estate. He has passed, the will has been executed and the estate has closed. The will specifically said that these guns go to his son. The trick as I understand it is the way I label the package when I send it. I am to ship from the son, 123 my street, mytown, MS 39999 to Son, C/O FFL Licensee, FFL Holders address, Tok,AK. Coming from himself to himself is not a 'transfer'. Son can just pick the guns up. Therefore the FFL license holder is not required to fill out transfer forms. The FFL holder in Tok, AK that I am shipping to told me this. If that makes sense.

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