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Frankenmauser- I sent you back a PM. The .733" od is what it must
be with slug in it, and these measure that even empty at the bottom.
Probably retail 25 cents each, but can't pay the buck for the one that is
being made right, on a small scale, costing that much.
And we can't pay the quarter or more for undersize ones like we've had.
The company making these can do 7000 a day they told me,
with two hole setup.

Here are a couple high speed, stop frame photos, showing how well
and even these sabots we want to get made, open up.
The petals being thinner with 58 cal bullets or slugs, opens easy.
The slots between petals, going into the base aids even opening.
We know a couple retailers that are interested in selling these
style of sabots, if they round up the money to get the
aquipment setup. Shooting supply companies are down some
due the economy.

Third is the 585 HE project, using a Savage 110-112 bolt action.
Shown with barrel threaded and screwing action on.
And the action is long enough to make a single stack mag, if we
want, that would feed, with a little work, our 585 HE long case.

4th & 5th; pictures are of a old time 20 gauge, double slug and shot
gun that was priced little less than the big name English ones.
It is a Husqvarna double. Nice gun, we'd really have fun with modern
20ga slug shooting using this ..Ed

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