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I got a gun only inches under my head while asleep??? Just how easy does the safety of that semi slip off? How light IS that trigger in SA? How easy can the hammer of that revolver be thumbed back? Watch yourself if you're the type to sleep with one hand under your head. I can see it now, "Suicide by pillow."

My last stand piece is in a proper holster with a retention strap and it's fastened securely to the headboard, above our heads. The muzzle points straight up. It's drawn by reaching up, grabbing the butt, opening the strap with the thumb, and pulling the piece down and out. It's the same motion as drawing it from a belt holster position. The muzzle never sweeps either of us. It takes a conscientious effort to bring it into play.

Guns under pillows may look cool in movies, but as someone already said, it's an AD waiting to happen.
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