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I have had excellent results with tang-mounted peep sights on two lever-action rifles. One of them has a Lyman aperture front sight as well and is remarkably easy to shoot. In fact, when my friend tried it, he exclaimed, "Hell, buddy, you can't even miss with those sights!". The other rifle, a Winchester, had a front bead so small it was difficult to pick out in a woodsy background. So I enlarged the bead and painted it with fluorescent nail polish so now it's all good. The fiber-optic front sights have too much of a glow for me, so I like a conventional bead filed flat at an upward angle and painted with the afore-mentioned nail polish. The bead needs to be fairly large for quick acquisition in the woods. When sighted properly to place bullet-strike at the top of the bead, (that is, a close 6 0'clock hold), the larger bead does not obscure the target.
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