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I do have a load for a 1:6.5 barrel valk that can shoot well under .5 MOA with high velocity and energy.

Since I have the same ARP long free bore barrel and you, what was that load again (ie: bullet, powder and OAL)? I'll load something similar and try it. But getting out has been delayed due to the weather the last couple of weeks. Was hoping to hit the range this coming weekend but the forecast has changed to low 30's for my area. Too cold for me.
The formula is in the picture name--keep in mind this was seated at 2.33 which I don't think you can do with the shorter freebore barrel, so your results might not be quite as good (and use at your own risk). I shot the same load at 200 yds and it was in the .3 MOA range at that distance as well.

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