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Though they performed better than the 90 gr SMK ammo, I couldn't get the Hornady to go under 1.5 MOA either. I've used every factory ammo out there and I'm not happy with the results. Many told me to hand load, but I don't do that nor have the time to do so. I will not own a rifle where I'm forced to hand load for it.
I fully understand your frustration--since I reload my ammo I have to admit it has been very challenging to find really good loads--especially for the long freebore 1:7 twist barrels. I do have a load for a 1:6.5 barrel valk that can shoot well under .5 MOA with high velocity and energy--one day I hope to get to where I can try it to 1000 yds. If you take a look at the ballistics--the valk should be able to leave the Grendel behind at about 800 yds
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