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peep/receiver sights

The advice to upgrade to a peep sight is sound. Adding peeps to my lever carbines tighted up iron sight groups, and added several years to my iron sight shooting, by lengthening the sight radius and working positively to aid my aging peepers.

My experience with fiber sights is not completely positive. Those plastic tubes are exposed and a bit fragile. I find myself babying the short turkey shotgun that I have that is so equipped. Not ideal for a truck rifle perhaps.

If you can find them, the XS sight company sells a stout steel ramped/post with a bold white stripe and a rear ghost aperture. They are not cheap, but are quality sights. You may also find just the XS post in the height you need, and pair it with a more affordable peep like the Williams.

Nearly any peep set up will aid your shooting I feel certain.
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