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And, you gave your disclaimer. Good, very good. You certainly can find most anything on youtube, eh?

Now here's how I see this whole thread, and Cardinal Rule #1, with BLACK POWDER firearms:

Smokeless powder use in ANY black powder replica, ANY smokeless powder, equals= ONE BIG DARWIN AWARD.

Then, this thread goes on about Damascus shotguns and smokeless loads. Sorry, this thread was about B.P. replica revolvers, smokeless loads in them, and their demise, along with the loss of a hand, or worse. Enough bad thoughts on the handgun concern, and why people would even entertain the thought of smokeless powder (LET ALONE USE IT) in a replica B.P. ONLY firearm. I just don't get it at all. And this posting is nothing more than an old B.P. guy's opinion.

BTW, I just love my fine Uberti '58 NM Army. Why would I violate the fine thing by using anything but good ol' GOEX 3fg in it (my tried and true brand)? It's all I'd ever consider in the piece for propellant. Well, I do have a couple of pounds of 3fg Schuetzen, too...
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