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I got my own 22 at 5th birthday and had a dozen guns by age 8. This isn't like I was free to
run around with them. The one thing that was taboo was a BB gun. The 50s & 60s were the
era of the BB gun battles. Just or one little village had 3 kids with glass eyes, this isn't a joke. My dads theory is kids knew what a 22 or 410 could do. They were real guns but kids had no respect for BB guns. Young kids walking through town with 22s on the way to the dump would draw no attention. Kids with BB guns would be stopped by town cops and usually rode home. I don't think there was ever a accident with kids and 22s. My grandkids
having herd this story bought me a Red Ryder a couple years ago for my birthday. Of course
the card included " Don't shoot your eye out".
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