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Originally Posted by Pond, James Pond View Post
I know it's pretty individual, but generally speaking, at what age do you think kids have the concentration and manual dexterity (and strength/size) needed to shoot a longarm.

Specifically, when I've been shooting my new air-rifle , my eldest (5.5yrs) is very interested in what I'm doing. Seems she'd like to have a go and I have let her squeeze the trigger when I've sighted in the rifle on a suitable target.

A firearm is out of the question but a small break action airgun like mine could be an option, but I'm worried I may be over-estimating her abilities.

She's very smart for her age and is very conscientious and she's already familiar with the principles of firearm safety, but then again she's just a little girl and will have breaks in concentration etc and will struggle to hold a rifle, even if I look for a kid's one.

Maturity is far more important, and for that every child is different.
A child should be started with the fundamentals from a rested position (bench or prone).
Thus weight would be a non-issue and they can focus on the basics.
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