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Strangely enough i didn't receive my Daisy Red Rider BB gun untill i was a freshman in high school.
With the warning of be careful with it.
Now go outside and play...
I still have it, along with the box it came in.
I didn't buy/ shoot my first rifle till i was 18. Everything for me was self taught. I read, i watched, i asked questions, i experimented.

I taught my daughter when she was 10 and decided to show an interest in hunting.
She just turned 21. She loves shooting pistols, and is a decent shot with my wifes 223.
( of course with a 24" heavy barrel, it's hard not to be)

So the answer is as has already been said. It is entirely individual. Just enjoy the time spent together.
This country was founded on two beliefs.
And I'm pretty sure pork rinds was one of them!
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