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The Ben Avery Sharpshooter Program, required 9 yrs. Taught Jr. smallbore from NRA Jr. Shooting book. All basics of safety and firearm handling (NEVER say weapon). Tues and Thurs night usually had 20+ kids and parents. Program had waiting list....we were limited by the no. of rifles.

Of course one on one with your own is better. Must know and be able to demonstrate safe handling of the firearm. This also assumes physical strength capable.

Would not teach hand guns to kids...too many chances for accidents. Handgun requires close 1 on 1. As a line safety ofcr, seen too many parents give a jr a loaded handgun then turn their back to talk to someone else...I hovered around that firing line position. Parent usually didn't appreciate the learning opportunity, until the G and F deputy explained the options to them.

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