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Now the conversion cylinders available for our hand cannons are made of stronger steel of course. But the rest of our guns are not. So what will save them over repeating use with a conversion cylinder?
Modern ammo is kept light to keep from ruining original guns so it works out well for the conversions.

I've been shooting nitro powders in Damascus barreled SxSs for over 12 years. I also put on a SxS Shoot every year where anywhere from 30 to 80 guys attend and I'd have to say about half of them also shoot nitro powders in Damascus guns.
I grew up doing it with 2 3/4 factory shells before I knew any better but it's not exactly the same thing. The chamber walls of a shotgun are a lot thicker than the chambers of a revolver. I would never think about putting any amount of smokeless in a percussion anything.
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