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Hellgate, That is wild. Just 1.5grs scattered that thing. The guy in the video is running on borrowed time. I won't post the link here as to not give him any more exposure. Your reasoning about the cornmeal is probably true. I think the corn meal is finer than the granules of clays powder allowing the cornmeal to dillute the charge so to speak. So that might be saving that cylinder at the least. Now the conversion cylinders available for our hand cannons are made of stronger steel of course. But the rest of our guns are not. So what will save them over repeating use with a conversion cylinder? Is it the gap between the barrel and cylinder? What about my babies who have been Goonerized and have a cylinder gap tighter than a Gnats booty? Or I guess the conversion cylinder installed in my guns won't be as tight as the percussion cylinders that Mike fitted?
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