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I've been shooting nitro powders in Damascus barreled SxSs for over 12 years. I also put on a SxS Shoot every year where anywhere from 30 to 80 guys attend and I'd have to say about half of them also shoot nitro powders in Damascus guns. We keep pressures down to what BP would produce. JMHO, but how fast you get to maximum pressure doesn't matter. Guys with shotguns have been arguing that for years, but no one at my shoot or anywhere else I've heard of have blown up a gun. That said, guess I'm taking the safe route and wouldn't do it with my replica revolvers. That side wall in the cylinder looks awful thin. And, I like shooting BP in my NMAs, where as shooting a 150 shells a night three times a week in my shotguns is a different story. My friend use to shoot Bullseye in his OMA Ruger with no problems. He felt that gun used the same steel as used in the Blackhawk, so it was safe.
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