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Shooting my air rifle is teaching me a few things!!

Anytime I've gone to shoot a rifle at the range, I've generally gone for load development purposes and that usually means I'm choosing days forecast as still and clear.

But shooting on my land, I'm not so fussy and as such I've gained more experience of what a crosswind will do. In fact, crosswind, even a light breeze, really blows those pellets about.

I've also started experimenting with hold over/under. Being zeroed at one distance and shooting at that distance at the range means there's no need. Just put the sights on the intended POI and shoot.

But now, with targets out as far as 50m, I'm playing around at different distances despite my zero being set at one in between.

Anyway, whilst setting up my sights, I've managed a handful of 1" groups at 50m with a 4x32 scope and I'm enjoying every moment despite the sub-freezing temperatures!
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