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224 Valk: Abandon ship! Starting 6.5 Gren build

I built a 224 Valk AR a little over a year ago using a CMMG 24" 1:7 twist barrel (matched with their BCG). No matter what ammo I used or what I tried, I can't get the groups at 100 yds to go below 1.5". The main purpose of this build was so I can go to the long distance range and plink at metal plates 750+ yds away. I don't see that being easily done with a 1.5+ MOA rifle. It appears I'm far from alone on this problem too. I'm seeing a lot of reports and videos saying the same thing, even when they use top of the line barrels. So, I'm abandoning ship. Selling the barrel + BCG + mags.
The rest of the rifle build is still great though and I still want to have an AR that can shoot long range. My plan is to go with 6.5 Grendel. Looking at getting a 22" 1:8 twist (5R rifling) heavy barrel from X-Caliber along with their recommended BCG.

Thoughts and recommendations? Is 22" fine for long range shooting using the Grendel or should I go with 24" (nice thing about X-Caliber, I can pick whatever length I want...up to 28").
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