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AR-10 barrel/ brake ?

I have what I believe to be an older Armalite AR-10. I say that because the muzzle brake has 4 set screws on it (I took them off), which makes me believe the brake is not pinned? And having 4 set screws to remove anything from a barrel end now days, makes me say - it is pre-ban. But really don't know.
In any event, I am not sure how to proceed because it does not just fall off. I have read about pinned brakes here and I would need to 1) find the pin 2) grind down to flat and then unscrew the brake - if it is pinned. But again, is mine pinned and has 4 set screws?

The whole purpose of this is to put on a threaded different break with external threads. At this point, I am not sure if I have threads.

I want to know how to proceed before I just start clamping down and twisting the brake (clockwise) to try to remove it.

if I don't have threads, then I would be looking at buying an approx. same length barrel, but lighter. Dame this thing is heavy!
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