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Fishy story is fishy

Dufus An old school buddy opened a gun shop and did rather well.

One day, a Hispanic guy came in the shop and wanted to buy a firearm.

Frank (not his real name) was in a quandary as to what proof of citizenship he needed as the guy did not have a drivers license.
1. A drivers license isn't "proof of citizenship"
2. Citizenship has never been a requirement to purchase or possess firearms.
3. Frank (not his real name) is an idiot of the highest degree. If he was in such a quandary, he should have just read the instructions contained in the Form 4473.

He called the ATF to inquire as to what proof he needed. The agent told him what was acceptable, and Frank recorded the agents name etc. on the transaction.
Anyone taking verbal advice from an ATF (or any gov employee) is a fool. In all of my dealings with ATF over the last 10+ years they always make it a point to refer me to the actual federal law or ATF regulation. They don't give verbal opinions and those wouldn't be binding if they did.

A couple of weeks later, 5 agents appeared in his shop, pushed him against the wall and handcuffed him. They took all his records.
For what?
ATF enforcement agents investigate crimes. I've met one agent in ten years, but several Industry Operations Investigators (who do not carry guns or handcuffs) and conduct compliance inspections.

They sure as heck didn't know about the transaction with the Hispanic customer, because ATF isn't involved with the FBI background check.
They sure as heck didn't know about the gun the Hispanic customer bought because the dealer Frank (not his real name) keeps those records himself. ATF doesn't get them until Frank discontinues business.

Long story short, all the witnesses for the government were proven to perjure themselves. Even though Frank was proven innocent and all charges were dismissed, it cost him $37,000 and his business to prove his innocence.
Uh, huh.

I think Frank (not his real name) is pulling your leg.
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