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Open Sights for Marlin 30-30

Hi Guys,
I have a Marlin 30-30 (Model 30AW) that I'd like to replace the open sights on. The brass bead at the end of the barrel now is too hard for me to see. Also, I can't currently get the rear sight low enough to get the rifle to shoot on target. It consistently shoots 8-10" high at 100 yards. I basically keep this rifle as a "truck gun" for whatever triggers my fancy. I'd like to have sights that help me extend my range a bit. I guess I'd like to have a 200+ yard range for whatever critters may be in need of correction...Coyotes, etc. I may also find myself using this as an Indiana Whitetail rifle on occasion. I'm a shooter of moderate ability, I'm good but no superstar or anything.
Anyway, any advice is always appreciated.
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