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tape, paint and factory finish

For many, many years, I went through the spring ritual of camo taping my blued Rem 870 turkey gun, and swapping out the glossy wood butt stock and fore end with synthetic ones (which I painted and left that way). Matte and camo guns were not available when I bought that 870 ( neither were choke tubes!) The tape was a pain, if you didn't stay after it, moisture would get trapped and could lead to rust, and there is a lot of rain in the spring woods!
But I liked the blue steel and walnut for hunting everything else, and the old Rem was my only shotgun, so I repeated the process annually. Aggravating.

I got other smoothbores, and eventually got away from small game hunting in general. A stubby, rifle sighted, choke tubed barrel went on the 870, the synthetic stocks stayed on board, and I spray painted the whole thing, touch it up as needed. It looks AWFUL, but kills gobblers just as good as ever. The pretty walnut and 26" fixed choke barrel set (IC and Full) stay in storeage, much the pity, but far less aggravation for me.

I think I'd buy the matte black gun, spray paint a redneck camo pattern on it if I felt I needed it (likely don't) and put the money saved towards quality duds, boots or shells.
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