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tangolima Quote: You may think differently if you are in an immigration process for real. I did as I was. There are so much to lose if anything goes wrong. Things as simple as forgetting to renew the hunting license may get you deported and never to come back again.
Well, you could also forget to renew your nonimmigrant visa, drive drunk, bounce a check or any of a hundred other offences.

The point I'm making is it isn't "pushing the limit".....its complying with the law. And not difficult to do.

To warn someone to not buy a firearm serves what purpose for you?
Why on earth would you seek to deny Diverbelow his Second Amendment rights?

I've transferred 20-30 firearms every year for the last ten years to nonimmigrant aliens with ZERO problems. Ever think that once you discover your hunting license has expired you can just drive down to Wal Mart and get another one?
Need a FFL in Dallas/Plano/Allen/Frisco/McKinney ? Just EMAIL me. $20 transfers ($10 for CHL, active military,police,fire or schoolteachers)

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