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tangolima Again I am not an attorney, so you need to consult a real one or do your own research to be sure. What I am going to say is just my understanding.

A valid hunting license establishes qualification for a non-resident alien to poccess firearm. It is indeed an exemption to the normal process, so that's why I consider it "pushing the limit". You need to maintain the validity of the license, or you immediately commit a felony, a huge problem. Once you become a resident alien, you no longer need the hunting license, and I don't believe you need to do anything.

Again it is my recommendation that you wait till you get your green card. It is just too risky to push the limit.
It's not "pushing the limit", its simply complying with federal law. FFL's sell/transfer guns every day to nonimmigrant aliens who possess a hunting license with zero problems.

Good grief, the paranoia.
Need a FFL in Dallas/Plano/Allen/Frisco/McKinney ? Just EMAIL me. $20 transfers ($10 for CHL, active military,police,fire or schoolteachers)

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