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Limit a person to 1 gun purchase a month and if they need 4, that just means one of the following is true:

1. They have to wait awhile to carry out their plan. If they're already expecting to have to plan long term then the wait means nothing to them.

2. They have to break the law to carry out their plan. If the plan involves mass murder then breaking the law again means nothing to them.

3. They have to acquire the additional guns via 3rd party purchases instead of from FFLs/dealers. That's not difficult to accomplish.

4. They have to figure out a way to carry out the plan with 1 gun instead of 4. If it's the right gun and the person plans well, that's not going to make any significant difference.

Ammunition is pretty much the same thing and the same points above still apply. Realistically it's unlikely that a person will use more than a couple hundred rounds of ammo even in a mass shooting. If we look at the North Hollywood shootout which was truly a statistical outlier, each shooter used about 1000 rounds of ammo. Any ammunition purchase limitations which were remotely reasonable wouldn't prevent a person from acquiring that amount of ammunition in a relatively short period of time.
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