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@Tom Servo: An election could give control of the house to the anti gun types. It is unlikely THIS time that it will happen but if the trend in demographics of our population continues as it has, considering the party those growing demographic segments vote for, and that particular parties history of an anti second amendment attitude continues then sooner or later they WILL have the votes. It might be 2020, it might be 2050 but unless something changes in the political landscape of America over the next 20 or so years its going to be bad news of the second amendment. The only hope we as gun owners have is to work hard and to work with new segments of society to change attitudes towards gun ownership.


This next election WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT put either a staunchly anti gun president back in power, or will bring a president to power with a dubious history when it comes to the second amendment.

I don't see either presidential possibility making it a priority that anyone appointed to the supreme court in the next 4 years has a proper judicial record in regards to the right to keep and bear arms.

The moral of this story: We can never let our guard down, the votes may not be there today but who knows what tomorrow is bringing.
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