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Criminals are intent on breaking laws by their very nature. If there was a law about owning X number of total guns, X number of guns per months, X rounds of ammo etc whats to stop a criminal; especially a very determined criminal from breaking the law?

Show me a GUN law that would have stopped any of the recent high profile mass shootings. A number of laws may have made it more difficult but I can't think of one outside an outright gun ban and confiscation that would have. When you have a determined criminal he or she will find a way to break the law to accomplish their goal.

The problem with "Reasonable" gun control is it ends up being unreasonable. While some laws may start with good intentions, inevitably gun-unfriendly states hijack the ideals to unduly punish lawful gun owners to score political points. Places like NJ, NY and CA are in a "race to the bottom" to see who can have the toughest gun laws. Not the gun laws that make an impact on criminals, or that "save the children" but just any law they can pass to give them the warm fuzzy when they go to sleep.
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