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Actually, the Mac11/9 is the best bargain in full-auto firearms that you can find now. Granted, the HK Family of firearms is the BEST that can be had in this world, there is a very limited supply of them available.And they ALL go for a premium price.The SWD Mac11/9's,for that matter, were mass-produced before the May 1986 cut-off date, and are STILL available on the market today.They are considered the most reliable sub-machinegun EVER made as conpared to any thing else out there, no price barred. An HK MP-5 is a work of art compared to a Mac, but is it worth $4000.00 or $5000.00 more? I don't think so. A Mac-11 is a VERY PROVEN bullet hose that is fun to shoot and can be more than effective in close-quarter combat.The only reason that they are "cheap" is that there are more available, but the supply is going down, so get yours while you still can!


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