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Selecting load components to raise point of impact???

I want to build a load to raise the point of impact. What are the component (powder speed and/or bullet weight) considerations involved? The pistol is a CZ75Mil (9mm)with fixed three dot sights. I've only shot three commercial loads in it for three different points of impact. S. African 115 gr FMJ PMP shot several inches low at 15 yards. PMC 124 gr FMJ shot approximately 1" below the white dot on the front post. Winchester 115 gr FMJ white box shot to the point of the white dot on the front sight. As to the amount of muzzle flip, the S. African was very little, the PMC was more and the Winchester had the most. I am guessing that a 115 grain bullet driven at higher velocity would raise the point of impact. The increase in muzzle flip compensates for the higher speed of the bullet and quicker exit from the muzzle?? Thanks
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