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Bushmaster Two Stage trigger

Just got another new Bushmaster M-XM15-E2S with a factory two stage trigger. The initial stage "take-up / creep" felt a little rough but the action worked fine. So I removed and polished the hammer notch where it contacts the trigger sear, as well well as the trigger sear itself. I used a felt cloth and "HotFash" metal polish. WOW! What a diffrance! The first stage is now very smooth, however now there is not a defined end to the first stage as it just travels and breaks. But here is the problem: If I release the trigger fast after it fires.. it disconnects fine. But if I release the trigger slowly? IT FIRES AGAIN! It did not do this before I polished it?
Anyone out there have any knowledge about these two stage Bushmasters?
Is there a simple fix to delay the disconnector to insure the trigger sear will not slip?
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