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When I got my Classic Turret, I was amazed at how much faster and easier it was to load for my pistols. Naturally, I tried it for all my rifles as well. No doubt it is capable of loading accurate ammo for rifles too. Mine did. I loaded .243, .270 WMS, 7 mm mag, .308, and .325 WSM on mine.

Them main advantage I found was having all the dies mounted in one place without having to screw them back in each time.

But that's not really much of a time saver. Also, I did try priming on the press during the resizing operation. That also saves a bit of time, but I finally decided I didn't really like that. I prefer priming for rifles with my hand primer.

Basically, I discovered I was doing everything in single stage mode anyway and the time saving was minimal if any. I didn't like the feel of sizing for the larger cases like the 7 mm mag. When you raise the ram up, there is a small but constant amount of movement with the turret head relative to the press frame. I didn't like that. And it didn't give me as much leverage in sizing compared to my single stage Redding Big Boss.

I did sort of compromise though and left all my rifle seating dies installed on a couple of turret heads. That way they are all in one place at least. And it seats the bullets just as accurately as the single stage.

If that's the only press you have, there's no need to fret, it will do just fine for any rifle cartridge. But there's no real benefit to the turret for loading rifles assuming you are going to trim each case anyway. Yeah, IF you neck size only AND the cases don't need trimming, AND are comfortable priming on the press AND use the rifle charging die, it can be used in the auto advance mode and save some time.
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