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I do have one more question to ask anyone who can tell me and that is how to do I go about disassembling the bolt from this rifle so I can re-blue just the parts that were blued to begin with. Does anyone have a basic set of instructions?
I believe it's basically the same action as the Model 131, which is a repeater and has a detachable magazine. In the 131, if you look down on the open chamber, there's a tiny catch which can be depressed with something like a brass rod to release the bolt. Also, in the 131, if you remove the stock, there's a wee lever in front of the magazine well, which releases the bolt when you press it. I've don't know whether the 121 has anything similar on the underside of the receiver, as there's no magazine well, but I assume the basic mechanism is the same.
The model 121 Single Shot rim fire rifle was designed to provide beginning and young shooters with a bolt action system that would provide a safe, efficient, and reliable first firearm. In addition to handling one cartridge at a time, the rifle has a safety catch that automatically engages itself in the "safe" position each time the bolt handle is raised. The rifle cannot be discharged after each loading until the safety has been manually depressed. Three different versions of the basic model were available. The Youth model offers a short butt stock for the younger shooter; the standard has a stock of conventional length for the average man-sized youngster or adult. In addition, a third, Deluxe version has a standard length stock with the extra features of a Monte Carlo, fluted comb and sling swivels. The Model 121, in all styles, handles 22 short, long, or long rifle cartridges interchangeably. It was introduced in 1967 as part of a matched family of 22 rim fire rifles.


TYPE Single shot bolt action.
STYLE Youth, Standard, and Deluxe versions (youth version 1 1/4 inches shorter).
MAGAZINE None (one round in chamber maximum loading).
CHAMBER 22 rim fire; short, long, and long rifle interchangeably.
STOCK Walnut finish American hardwood; one piece modified Monte Carlo.
SIGHTS Bead-post front and open rear (Deluxe version has bead post front ramped and dovetailed; adjustable open rer sight). All M/121 rifles are grooved for telescopic sights.
BARREL Winchester Proof Steel, 20 3/4 inch, round, 1-in-16-inch twist.
WEIGHT 5 lbs.
SAFETY Engages automatically when bolt is lifted for loading.
SERIAL NOS. The Model 121 rifles had no serial numbers.

The Model 121 rim fire rifle was last listed in the 1972 catalog and was dropped from the line for 1973. A total of 72, 561 were made.

From The History of Winchester Firearms 1866-1992
By Thomas Henshaw, Pete Kuhloff, Duncan Barnes, Thomas E. Hall, George R. Watrous, James C. Rikhoff
Edition: 6, illustrated, revised
Published by Academic Learning Company LLC, 1993
Hope this helps.
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