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RPK drum?

The RPK (Russian) was a light MG or squad automatic from the Vietnam era.
Roughly speaking, the RPK is a strengthened and lengthened version of the AKM/AK47 to accomodate the increased firing in the SAW role. The RPK was fed with a 40 rd AK/AKM box type mag, or a rotary drum. The RPK can also accept the 30 rd standard AKM/AK box magazine, and I believe, conversely, the AK/AKM can take the RPK drum and certainly the 40 rd box.

But I do not believe that the 40 rd box, or the drum was ever "intended" for the AK /AKM. Whether the drum in question is a war trophy from an RPK is another matter. There are a LOT of drums out there these days that look period. Somebody might find some Chinese or Cyrillic on the drum and label it from that nation, both supplying arms to the NVA and Viet Cong.

Somebody surely knows more about this than I do.
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