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It depends on exactly what is being claimed. There is a specific difference between something "of the type used" and an item that was actually used there, and both could be from the exact same maker.

Difference between something "made during the Viet Nam era" and something "captured by PFC John Doe, at Na Trang Dong village, july 17 1968, and having papers that say that, as opposed to someone just saying that.

Got any idea how many German pistols came home with a story "taken off a Nazi officer"? No matter if it was, or taken from an other rank, or picked out of a pile of turned in weapons or won in a poker game on the boat home, the story is almost always the same.

If they are claiming the actual item is a historical item, then they better have VALID paperwork to back that up. Otherwise its just a story added in the hopes somebody will pay more for it.

Literally tons of Combloc weapons accessories came into the US after the fall of the Wall, most of it from the same people who made and supplied it to Vietnam. IF you are going to pay a premium between two identical items, because one was in a certain place and time, get solid proof, before opening your wallet.
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