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kxkid wrote:
What most of you do not realize is that when a peace officer gives you a lawful order like roll your window down more you have to.
The key word is "lawful". Care to cite any law that makes this particular order lawful ? Simply because a LEO gave the order ?

Also there is no command for giving a "false alert" for a dog.
Really ? That depends on what constitutes an "alert" The dog in the video clearly is following a command.

Officers do not explain to you what the dog's reaction will be if he "alerts" on something so, anything could be considered a "hit".

This particular "checkpoint" has existed in that area for years and, pops up at random. I drive through this area regularly, had my entire truck searched for no reason other than the "alert" of a dog. They found nothing because, there was nothing to find. I filed a complaint but, nothing has changed.

Hopefully this video will cast some needed light on this "checkpoint".
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