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trigger finger placement and arm extension

i started visiting range after buying my "actual" guns(smith & wesson 642, sd9ve, walther pps m2, mossberg 590 and psa ar-15). it seem some skills with bb guns like double-action trigger pull and shoot while moving(i can't practice this skill on my indoor range) have carryover on actual guns barring recoil control and "little" anticipation issue(makes me shoot either straight low or low-left during quick mag dump). i shoot better than most folks on range who either shoot shotgun pattern or VERY low-left(the people who shoot better are very good) even with double action smith & wesson model 10(very old gun might be from nam's era), sd9ve, dak p229 and h&k p30 with lem triggers.

when squeezing the trigger i like to use the 'power crease', slightly bend my arms and wrap my grip so my first joint can confortably reach the trigger. i get much better leverage and control this way, feels far more natural and much easier to memorize in stressful situations. back when i used the pad as taugh over internet, i either didn't have enough leverage or it had DISASTROUS results when shooting dao guns, the only gun i shoot with the pad is the beretta 92 or rifles and shotguns with conventional stock

i'm attending a shooting class on a outdoor range(45 min travel from my home!) and the instructor AGGRESSIVELY insistis his students when shooting the arms should be fully extended until you can't extend any further, use the center of pad when pulling the trigger and wrap the trigger guard with the index finger of supporting arm and use it as "foregrip" which let you physically control the recoil and trigger jerk on whatever gun you use.... which didn't do anything to improve my skill(expecially with my sd9ve and revolver)

on future i'm planning to purchase the g17(made very familiar with umarex g17 and feel good in my hands), apx,
sks and mosin-nagant(maybe a nagant revolver or vp70 as well to further improve my dao skill)
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