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Imo the 6.5 creedmore is popular because of publicity and the ammo/bullet companies. To me a 6.5×284 ai, a .338 lapua, or maybe even a 300mag are the kings of long range(big 50s dont count). Sure youll get longer barrel life with the cm and its very predictable, but it seems like its tailored for people who dont reload or people who go with the herd and dont know to much. Theres innumerable cartridges that will do what it does better, as for hunting its use is limited to a field gun or in the very big open woods, maybe varminting. If i ever buy a 6.5 youll be sure its a 6.5x55 and not the 6.5 cm.

Edit. It does have the benefit of mild recoil, which would be good if someone is in need of that. It can also be used in an semi or full auto configuration so theres that. You can jave a stockpile of cm ammo for your ar 15 and also shoot it out of your bolt gun; handloading brings it into another realm aswell. On a side note the ol 7.62nato still gets the job done why try fixing something that isnt broke.

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