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Thanks for all the input. Some is taken with a grain of salt, but it is truly appreciated.

I feel like it's one of those "you had to be there" situations. It's hard to describe thoughts and feelings of an event that happens so fast. To be clear, the last thing I would want to to is shoot to defend. But I would if I had to. The way this guy was acting and driving was very aggressive. If he had gotten out of his car and started to approach us with the same aggressive demeanor, I would have felt threatened.
A grain of salt? Tell me, what response did you expect to recieve? A bunch of 'attaboys' and pats on the back? Your tune seems to have changed. At first your tale of the account indicates that you are willing to use deadly force on people who are aggressive and within a specific distance of you, no matter if they have actually made any threat against you or produced a weapon of any sort.

Once again, I will ask, was there NOTHING else that could have been done to dissuade the other driver if he had approached the vehicle? Can you think of ANYTHING at all that you or your friend who was driving could have done that does NOT involve drawing a weapon out and presenting it?

edit - By the way, has the thought occurred to you that most of the input here so far is actually based on our own real life experiences in similar situations? And that our understanding of the laws of self defense in the states we reside in has been thoroughly researched?
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