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Thomas, just get a .41 magnum and be happy. Your Redhawk is waiting for you. Because if you’re going to load it up, at least really load it up!

You’re trying to invent the .41 Special.
No thanks. I have owned three 41 mags and it was OK but I just went on to the 44 mag. And i'm not looking for a magnum power gun.

You’re talking about a .41 special, brass is available from Starline. I too would like a GP100 chambered thus, although not quite sure you could fit six in this size cylinder.
There ya go. Somebody who gets it. I want a mid size gun with 6 shots, not a Redhawk sized gun. If I were going to be limited to 5 shots in a GP-100 sized gun I would just get the GP in 44 Special and be done with it.
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