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My only wish is for someone to put a revolver rim on a 10mm and 40S&W case and chamber it in a 6 shot GP-100 or L-Frame S&W. No need for the goofy moon clips that I do not like. Just a real revolver round in a not so huge gun.

Make the internal case dimensions the same so you can use the already existing load data. I would like that better than the 5 shot 44 special Ruger makes. If they still make it.

Other than that I can't see another handgun round needed. And this isn't needed. I just want it. I thought the 40S&W was the best round ever given to LE. More capacity than a 45 and similar energy. I reload and like a gun that doesn't throw my brass all over the place.

Or just put a rim on a 10mm case. Then you can load to any power level you want.
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