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SO, help me out here, which rounds, (and lets just go from the end of WWII on up) do you feel have been designed with self defense in mind as their primary purpose (and I'll include LEO use in that).

I can think of the .40 S&W, and .357 Sig, possibly the 10mm but I don't see anything bigger being designed with self defense as the main focus. None of the magnum class rounds were intended for that.
44 AMP,

I’m surprised that you don’t think the magnums were developed for self defense. 357, 44 mag, etc. If not, then what were they created for? Genuinely curious.

As far as others since WW2 for self defense/military, besides the magnums, I can think of:
- 327 Fed
- 45 Gap
- 32 NAA
- 5.7x28

I’m sure there are more… but it’s certainly not many in the last 75 years.
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