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I pointed out that the .44 Auto Mag has the same head diameter as .45 ACP, so shortening it for a .45 ACP or 10mm length gun would just mean more taper down to a .44 neck. That would get you a wide selection of .44 bullets but those are not shaped to feed in an auto.
I don't understand what your concern about the taper is. Looking at the case drawings the .44 Auto Mag has exactly the same difference in size between the case head and the case mouth that the 9mm Luger does, 0.014"

Yes, shortening the .44 case back to 1" or even less would increase the angle of taper slightly, but I can't see where that would be a significant, let alone detrimental thing. Most of the time, a tapered case is an aid to feeding, not a drawback.

Other point, as a .44 Auto shooter, I can tell you with certainty that there are quite a number of .44 bullets that will feed just fine in an auto (or at least in mine). Virtually every jacketed .44 bullet common will work fine.

I've used jacketed bullets from Speer, Sierra, Hornady and Remington in my .44 autos and they've all done just fine, without any need for polishing, or otherwise tuning the guns to get them to feed a bullet. And those bullets are all I feed my Desert Eagle and Auto Mags in weights from 180-240gr.

Even the Remington "scallop jacket" 240 JHP, where the front 1/3 of the bullet is exposed lead fed just fine. And if any slug was going to hang up, I'd expect that design to be the one, but it doesn't, in my guns, anyway.

Fwiw, I have run a handful of (hard lead) SWC loads through my Auto Mag, and they fed fine, as well. SO, in my experience the jacketed .44 bullets are shaped to feed in a semi auto, even if that was not the designer's primary intent when they were created.

However, I cannot say with certainty that all would feed in a shorter .44 case. By necessity, the magnum length rounds must present flatter in order to feed in a pistol due to their length. They cannot make the "sharp turn" that short rounds like 9mm Luger and .45ACP do in some of the guns designed for them. And this might make a difference in whether or not a specific .44 bullet will feed well, or not. It will depend on the way the gun used to shoot it is made, I think.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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