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Originally Posted by Forte S+W View Post
Consider the .357 SIG cartridge, by all accounts it is a fantastic round which statistically duplicates the performance of the legendary .357 Magnum Law Enforcement loads, yet it has practically fallen completely out of the race when it comes to what Law Enforcement officers and civilians alike are carrying. Why? Because if you shoot it into a block of gelatin it just doesn't appear to do anything that the 9mm Luger cartridge cannot. But how can that be? It's just a more powerful 9mm, right? It's higher velocity and delivers more energy than 9mm Luger, so in must be better. Indeed it is, but without a proper testing medium to adequately showcase the advantages, it just doesn't look any better.
I would say that the .357 Sig was DESIGNED and INTENDED to duplicate .357 magnum performance. However Based on what I have seen it falls far short of the 357 magnum and perhaps only meets 9mm +P or +P+ loadings.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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