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Consider the .357 SIG cartridge, by all accounts it is a fantastic round which statistically duplicates the performance of the legendary .357 Magnum Law Enforcement loads, yet it has practically fallen completely out of the race when it comes to what Law Enforcement officers and civilians alike are carrying. Why?
Also it performs like a .357 Magnum revolver but it also shoots like a .357 Magnum, only moreso because the usual Glock is a lot lighter than a revolver. Loud report and hard recoil make it a demanding gun to shoot well, especially for "small statured officers" and low training budget departments.

.44 Auto Mag was designed in the 60s and came out in commercially in 1970. Only chambered in the Auto Mag pistol, as far as I know
Cut the case down, say to 10mm length, work up loading data.
We discussed that in the ".44 Russian Auto" thread and I pointed out that the .44 Auto Mag has the same head diameter as .45 ACP, so shortening it for a .45 ACP or 10mm length gun would just mean more taper down to a .44 neck. That would get you a wide selection of .44 bullets but those are not shaped to feed in an auto.
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