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If the drunk in question happens to be a son, nephew or grandson, wouldn't one want an armed tent dweller (or home owner), to utilize some restraint and NOT point a loaded gun (finger on trigger, heart pounding, obviously scared), in your loved ones direction unless they absolutely have NO other choice?
So, are they not a threat, just because they are under the influence?

If tent jumping guy was stone cold sober, but just being an ass, does he warrant a weapon pointed at him for the same actions as drunk guy?

At what point while you’re struggling to get out of your collapsed tent, in the dark, having just been assaulted out of the blue, do you stop and tell yourself “oh, he’s just drunk. It’s ok, he’s no threat, nothing bad could happen, it’s not like he’s sober.”

You do you, I’ll do me. For me, just cause someone is under the influence, doesn’t mean they get a free pass, doesn’t mean they can’t pose a threat.
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