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"It’s no different than checking the door gun in hand when some idiot comes beating the crap out of it at 2am, yelling incoherently, thinking it’s his buddies house, that lives on the next street over."(Crankylove).

Huge difference between an intoxicated individual acting foolishly and an actual legitimate deadly threat that justifies the use of a gun. I agree 100%.

If the drunk in question happens to be a son, nephew or grandson, wouldn't one want an armed tent dweller (or home owner), to utilize some restraint and NOT point a loaded gun (finger on trigger, heart pounding, obviously scared), in your loved ones direction unless they absolutely have NO other choice?

Too easy to pull the trigger in a tense situation on someone who isn't an actual threat. Once that bullet leaves the muzzle, there is no stopping it, no reset button like on a video game.

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