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Title 18 Chapter 44 jurisdiction analysis

No one's talking about this potential way to knock out federal firearms laws. Dave Champion analyzed the statutes and believes he found their trickery at play. He may very well be right - no one has challenged it yet this way. I'm sure there is someone in court facing one of these laws who could challenge it anytime.



A lot of hardworking people have been hacking at the branches, but besides the 2nd Amendment elephant in the room, there is the 10th Amendment elephant as well. The federal gov't was never delegated power/authority to police (police powers) people inside states for firearms or anything else that could, in theory, cross a state line at some point. Interstate commerce means business between the actual state governments, not business among any and all who are in states.

This also raises the question - when will 2A sanctuary states impose criminal penalties against federal agents for enforcing gun laws that don't apply to people in states? Maybe that is the next step to curtail the fed's self-expansion of power and scope.
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