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It served perfectly in WWII in Europe and the Pacific, and again in Vietnam.
I would say "adequately" rather than "perfectly" in WWII, etc.

Nothing is perfect for every situation.

One of the carbine stories that impressed me as a teen was one that one of my neighbors told. He had been a CB in the Pacific, and used the M1 carbine.

His crew was working putting in an airstrip on an island that had been declared "secured". (can't remember if he said which one, though I know it was well after Guadalcanal)

They had a sniper problem. In the top of a tree, he would shoot, then when they shot back, he would duck behind the tree trunk. Their carbines couldn't get him, and while the sniper didn't hit anyone, he was putting holes in the thin parts of their bulldozer and kept them from working for most of an afternoon, until a Marine BAR man showed up and dumped a magazine of AP into the tree. Rifle hit the ground, dead sniper hung on the end of his tether.

One of the guys I used to work with had been a telephone lineman in Korea. He loved the M1 carbine, it was light, and he happily admitted, he never had to shoot anyone with it. He did, however really gripe about the winter. When winter came they took away his carbine and made him carry an M1 Garand, which he hated due to the weight.

Yes, Audie Murphy used and was said to like the carbine. Makes sense to me, especially considering he was not a very large man.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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